The history of Sillamae thermoelectric power station is connected with creation of the chemical plant and building of the town and goes back to 1928, when there was built a factory, which produced oil shale oil and petrol out of the oil shale. The plant was destroyed during the war.


There was started construction of the chemical plant and the town in 1946. The required energy was produced by a diesel generator of 1 MW capacity. The erection of an energy complex was started due to the growth of the chemical plant's and the town's electricity needs. The complex included the following units:

1. Power plant with the equipment purchased from the United States. The power plant used coal as a fuel. Two Riley Stoker steam boilers with the capacity of 5.5 MW each were used as basic power equipment.
2. Boiler plant for supplying the plant with steam and heating the town.
3. Boiler system, which included the heat exchangers and network pumps.

A  water reservoir was built nearby the Sõtke river to supply the chemical plant and energy complex with water.

Year 1948 can be considered as the year of Sillamae thermoelectric power station foundation, because the power station, the boiler plant and boiler system started to operate this year.

A new power station was built in 1952 - 1953. It used local oil shale as a fuel. The power plant used two steam boilers TP-35 with 27 MW capacity each as basic equipment, a steam turbine AP-6 with 6 MW capacity and also a boiler system including heat exchangers and pumps for a district heating network of the plant and town.

The thermoelectric power station was a part of the chemical plant and its subdivision until 1997. During the same year the power station was privatised and it got the name of AS Sillamae SEJ.

The main stages of the development are the following:

1954 - additional TP-35 steam boiler was installed;

1961 - new reinforced concrete chimney of 80 m height was erected for fume gases disposal;

1964 - two new S-35-40 steam boilers of 27 MW capacity each were installed;

1965 - turbo generator APR-6 with electric capacity of 6 MW started operating;

1968 - existing turbo generator AP-6 was put into a more economical operating mode which allowed to use the energy of waste steam for network water heating;

1975 - a water heating boiler of 35 MW capacity was installed. The boiler used oil-fuel. Also oil-fuel storage with pumping-station, fuel unloading unit and purifying installations were constructed;

1981 - the second water heating boiler of 35 MW capacity was installed. There was also erected a new chimney of 120 m height for the power station;

1985-1986 - new electric filters for the purification of fume gases from fly ash started to operate. This allowed to reach 99% efficiency of the purification;

1987 - the power station was connected to gas-main. Gas heating equipment was installed for the water heating boilers during the same year;

1989 - an ash dump for the shale ash disposal started to work;

2004 - new combined heating plant with the electrical capacity of 6 MW was built and installed;

From 2005 and up to the present moment - creation and development of infrastructure of the port of Sillamae and terminals.

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