Eduka Eesti ettevõtte tunnistusAS Sillamäe SEJ is a private company, which was established in 1997 and it functions at the territory of Sillamäe Customs Free Zone. Shares of the company belong to AS Silmet Grupp (50%), Famer Holding OÜ (25%) and Optial Holding OÜ (25%).

The principal types of the company's activities are production, distribution and selling of electrical and heat energy.

Our general objective is to provide our clients with electrical and heat energy of high quality and competitive price.
One of the major achievements of the recent years is the start of the Combined Heat Plant of 6 MW-e capacity in 2004, which noticeably increased the possibilities of Sillamäe SEJ. Summarised efficiency of the modern plant makes up over 90% and it produces both electrical and heat energy. Broadening of Sillamäe SEJ with the start of the Combined Heat Plant gives a possibility to increase reasonably our participation in the open market of electrical energy and it is a good sample of the environment friendly production of energy.

Among the priorities of the company in 2015 there is systematic work on decrease of  losses and inmplementation of new opportunities in using alternative types of fuel. Development of electrical networks and facilitation of the services' accessibility for the end user continue as well.


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