AS Sillamäe SEJ provides its customers, which are placed in the area of AS Sillamäe SEJ water supply–sewerage network (mainly in the production zone of the city of Sillamäe), with drinking, river, sea water and also provides domestic, drainage and rain sewerage.

Drinking water is taken from artesian well nr. 2. with the cadastral number 2193.

The drinking water is used for the household-domestic needs.

Quality of the drinking water is in accordance with the requirements approved by the social department Minister’s enactment nr. 82 from 31.07.2001.
The water supply network of the general use is a complex of constructions and equipment for the water supply of the customers. It is also used for extinguishing a fire in the case if there are no other water supply places.
Pressure of the water in the water pipes is provided by the seller in accordance with the technical decisions, which were accepted during the buildings' and water structures' projecting.

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