AS Sillamäe SEJ is a producer and seller of heat energy and the company carries out this activity in the district of the heating system of the city of Sillamäe.

Heat energy is produced for the aims of district heating, ventilation, hot water supply and steam supply.

Water and water steam are used for distribution of the heat as a carrier.

Type of the heat carrier - hot water. System of tempering from the heat source is a closed one . It is used for heating, ventilation and hot water supply purposes.
Temperature conditions of the heat network are 105/650.

Pressure in the direct and reverse collectors of the heat network at the station:

• during the heating period: p´ = 8,0 bar, p´´=1,5 bar;
• during the summer period: p´ = 6,0 bar, p´´=1,5 bar.

Type of the heat carrier in the steam network is overheated steam with the parameters: P = 2.9 bar; T=190C.

Steam is distributed through the steam network for the technological needs of the companies.

Heating water as a heat carrier, it is used for the technological needs or for feeding of the heat supply system.

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